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The Plantation Hotel is located within a former coffee plantation in Kithulgala, overlooking the Kelani River while the hotel itself is set in a refurbished colonial bungalow. The interiors still display a classic / colonial ambience while there are comfortable rooms available with a range of facilities. There are a few rooms that offer you a balcony with a view of the river which seems to be the crowd favourite. The hotel also consists of a restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool while the most popular activities to enjoy around here are river rafting, bird watching and rock climbing.

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White water rafting is a daily feature available for the Visitor.
The wet and cool climate of the area makes it home to a number of species of birds, insects, flora and fauna making it perfect for nature lovers
There are many nature trails that guests can enjoy with a guide’s assistance
If you want to cool down a bit after a day of exploring, there is a charming outdoor swimming pool overlooking the river.